Camp Nou - Seating Chart and Information

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Camp Nou is without fail a outstanding site appreciate live performances. The locale offers a atmosphere that will thrill the audience and leave them energized. When at full capacity, all of the fans get a amazing outlook of the show. Tickets to every show at Camp Nou are worth the charge for the overpowering atmosphere.

Originally known as The academic, the venue changed its name to Camp Nou when Billy Scheutz took over ownership in the 1960s. The place’s layout was inspired by a place the owner visited in Germany. Camp Nou is now one of the most well-known venues in the city to appreciate performers play live.

Camp Nou is certain to have performances every weekend and fans are always requesting more tickets. is committed to have a stock of seats to those events, no matter how hard to find the tickets are. Together with the tickets, our ticket broker site provides a useful schedule of the show at Camp Nou. The website also has a current map of the area customers can use to spot food after the event.

Camp Nou - Seating Chart and Information

Camp Nou Address
Address:Avinguda Aristides Maillol
City:Barcelona State:SP

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